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ECDL for dependants

Learning notice for all dependants 18 and over
Looking for work or just personal development and need to brush up on your IT skills and would like to gain the ECDL qualification, well the e-LC at Station Leuchars is now open.
The e-LC is a BCS (British Computer Society) accredited centre and offers ECDL Level 1 & 2. Based on Microsoft Office 2010 and windows 7
ECDL Level 1 is made up of the following units/modules:
Computer Security
Computer Basics
Internet & e-mails
ECDL Level 2 is made up of the following units/modules:
PowerPoint (Presentations)
Improving Productivity

Once you have enrolled you can study within the centre or at home on your PC or Laptop (internet connection required) and visit the centre for your mock and exams only.

The overall cost of this course is outstanding value, level 1 at £52.05 and level 2 at £72. This pays for 7 modules of learning and associated mocks and exams tokens, plus certification. Further tokens may be purchased.
The centre boasts all creature comforts, rest room (mini kitchen), Tea and Coffee facilities. Unfortunately there are no crèche facilities. Of course it has a full IT suite.
Opening times
0900-1630 Monday to Thursday
0900-1330 Fridays

For further information, please contact the Learning Centre Manager Mr Gabby Hays.
e-LC LCM Mr Gabby Hays
Mil: 95151 6081
BT: 01334 856081