Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Volunteer Marshalls wanted for Eliminator mountain bike event at Newburgh 24 June

We are looking for volunteer marshalls for the Eliminator mountain bike event at Newburgh, see details here . Its a big racing and fun family weekend which heads out along the coastal path etc. They need marshalls simply to open and close gates.  The details are:

Volunteer Marshalls:

Here's some info for any one interested in helping out on the 24th June:

1. Report for duty at 9:30 am at Event Village, Parkhill Farm and receive event pass, course map, and briefing.
2. Walk/bike/drive to your designated spot on course
3. You will be responsible for keeping gate open - or closing gate if livestock near - and putting gate back to normal position after the sweep (last) rider has passed; to help riders with the general direction of the course; to telephone for assistance in the event of injury or mechanical (there will be first aid and staff at other designated locations on the course where there is vehicle access); cheer the riders helping to keep them motivated; return to event village for some GTs (good times), complimentary packed lunch, and large pat on the back.
4. Race starts at 10:45am with a 5km run, then the 20km ride on the coastal path between Parkhill and Fliskmillan, ending with the 5km run at Parkhill.
5. Sweep rider (member of staff at back of pack) should pass between 11:45 and 12:45 depending how far along path you are located.
6. Total time required approx 3 - 4 hours.
7. Expecting between 50 and 75 race participants.

If you are interested get in touch with aaron@muckmedden.co.uk.

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